11 Jun 2015

I’ve been giving a great deal of thought lately to focus, and direction.

We’ve been travelling together for some time, trying to find our path - the successful path, the safe path, the correct path to our destination. The path has never been clear-cut - circuitousness is of course a prerequisite to arrival. Circuitous is however, occasionally a red herring - I know a number of us have been lost to refocusing their efforts into cutting back the thick brambles that line the route. I know that that this seems like a necessary task - it has undeniably been a problem for some time. But the brambles keep growing back. They will always grow back. Our path is circuitous enough as it is without dragging ourselves through the depths of the forest.

As we drift deeper, we lose sight of where we’re going, and why we came this direction to begin with. We didn’t come here to cut brambles, no matter how battered they leave our shins. The catharsis of reciprocating against the thorns that scraped us in passing is understandable, but it does not help in making the path any easier to travel, for ourselves, or for those who follow us. The opening of the path is wide and clear with hard-packed earth, but the forest walls quickly closed in behind us. We need to forge ahead so that we can keep packing the earth. This is the only way to push back the brambles indefinitely.

We need to remember to resurface. We need to remember to climb up, on occasion, to a higher vantage point, and assess our focus and direction. How deep into the bramble patch have we sunk, following each other? We shouldn’t be afraid to follow each other back to the path. We can hold hands as we forge ahead. The brambles will grow back, until we pack the earth.