Day 3

08 Apr 2015

It's Day 3 of my #100DaysofCode. I've been off work this week for a short vacation at home. I spent Monday and Tuesday outside on my bicycle in 0° weather, and now I don't feel well. Instead of skipping out on the challenge three days in, I decided to make a few quick improvements to my blog layout to keep the GitHub streak green, and do some writing on what specific problems I'm tackling in my projects in the immediate future, all from under a heavy blanket.

Still winter outside.

Like I mentioned previously, I've been in the middle of moving OpenMatter from Heroku to DigitalOcean for a while. It sucks. It is entirely an exercise in perseverance and character building, in that it's completely miserable, and I really hope that I don't have to spend a lot of time doing the tasks that I'm learning how to do after I do them this one time.

The specific problem I'm facing at the moment is that in the last step of my Capistrano deployments, the symlink to current isn't being created, or isn't working, or otherwise isn't doing the thing. Also the last time I was working on fixing this, I ended up in a state where my droplet is out of memory, so now I have to do some other tangental work to enable swap. Setting up my app on DigitalOcean and using Capistrano is all tangental to my original problem to begin with, which is that I don't want to pay $20/month to use an SSL add-on on Heroku. Fun challenges like these are why I stopped using Linux years ago. I also fully assume that if I do actually get this to work, in that the app is running on DigitalOcean and my droplet doesn't beg for death when I try to SSH in, there will still probably be gaping security flaws in the app that I'll have to learn how to find and fix. That will come later.

In regards to my blog theme, the first thing I need to really iron out is how to do pull quotes well in Jekyll. There's a couple of solutions that look sufficient, but I'd like to work through the problem on my own, as a fun and enjoyable problem to counterbalance the character building problem of server configuration. Right now I'm writing my blog posts in HTML, which sucks hard because markdown written inside of an HTML element in your .md file doesn't get rendered. See what I did there? Miserable. I need to build something that will allow me to denote text to be used as a pull quote, without having to structure my entire blog post with HTML.

I'm also essentially working on two different projects in this blog theme - I'm working on a Jekyll theme, and I'm working on my blog theme. I've been working on the theme directly on my GitHub page, so at some point I'll have to extract the theme out into its own repository.